10 years ago I started a journey towards my lifes work, teaching a skill that had been given to me as a young girl. Sew What sewing camp was started out of a need to provide a cool Summer program to girls in the BayArea.  In 1996, a YWAM missions trip to Guinea left me with a love for Africa. In 2007 my family began supporting an orphanage in Uganda. This relationship established life long friendships and a desire to empower the young girls of Uganda.  Sewing had become my lifeskill, one that supported my family.
This is the very thing that was lacking at the orphanage although these girls were being educated without the perfect suitor there future was in the hands of chance.
 I knew first hand that sewing was the very thing that could change the course of their lives. With this skill a girl could provide a livelihood for herself.
  I would have never guessed that I would be asked to teach sewing to my young friends in Uganda East Africa by sharing the Sew What experience.
 In 2013 I was able to raise funds to purchase 3 sewing machines, fabric and notions for Uganda.
This Aug I will be traveling back to Uganda for another
"Sew What" camp.  www.evarize.com
This trip will document the experience of sewing camp in America vs Uganda.
One thing that I have discovered is that every young woman is born with an innate spirit to dream, to belong and with the ability to empower one another.
After 10 years this is what I have been called to do, help me empower a generation of young women; BayGanda style.
Our documentary was selected this year for the Queens, NY film festival and Black Hollywood film festival in LA.